Your Wedding No doubt you have a wedding date in mind. Robin Graham, Parish Manager, (318) 445-2497 EXT. 14 cannot set a date for your wedding. She can tell you whether the date you have in mind is available at the moment. She can also put you in touch with the clergyman you would like to witness your marriage. You and your future spouse need to make an appointment with him as soon as possible so that he can arrange to have your wedding. If you or your future spouse happen not be in town, or both of you are out of town, then we will do whatever has to be done to communicate with you at a distance. It is most important that this oral communication take place as soon as possible. The simple conversation over the phone will do. Even better is direct contact and dialogue among the future spouses and the clergyman to setting the date. 

This booklet contains wisdom but nothing ironclad. It will help you have a great wedding and will answer some questions that you might have. As you read, remember that everything is negotiable but not everything is possible. We want you to have a great wedding and this little booklet offers you some good hints and even some ways to save money. There is also a page or two where you can make notes about questions that come to mind as you read through it. Ask about the great ideas you have. Some things we have seen and have not yet addressed in the book. For instance, lately in several weddings nice glass containers holding candles have lined the edges of the main aisle. It has been stunning to see them. Unfortunately, when people exit from the pews, they have become footballs that shatter and spread hotwax. Then, they are not so beautiful. 

A book that we would like to share with you is Together for Life. (Sorry, it is copyrighted and not available for upload.) It contains selections of prayers and readings for your ceremony from which you may choose what will be read and prayed at your ceremony. Use one of the forms below so that you can line up your bridal procession and provide all the details of your ceremony and your choices from Together for Life for the prayers and readings. 

If you cannot come to the Church Office to pick up this book, it can certainly be mailed to you. 

A common question that is asked concerns something called a Pre-Cana Course. It has been a while since any of those have been offered. Moreover, given the wide variety of backgrounds and ages of couples today, one size would certainly not fit all. So, do not judge by the rumors you hear of what is required! 

By the way, a wedding can cost very little unless you want it to cost a lot.