Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

Before the age of seven any child is treated as an infant. As of the age of seven, even children are treated as adults. They are to receive baptism, confirmation, and first Eucharist to complete their initiation into Catholic faith. Given their age, they are not mixed in with the adults preparing for the same sacraments of initiation. A special program that is age-appropriate is conducted for them. You may print and complete the following form for a child under seven. Then please contact Robin Graham, Parish Manager, (318) 445-2497 EXT. 14. to schedule your baby's baptism. You may then send the form to her by mail, an email attachment, fax or photo attached to an email.

Sacred Heart of Jesus in Pineville 
600 Lakeview St.
Pineville, LA 71360
Fax: (318) 443-0808 
For those children 7 years of age or older and for ALL ADULTS who wish to become Catholic, we have an ongoing process. Look for "Inquiry" about the Catholic Faith in the Bulletin, especially in the Calendar on the first page. You can simply show up. In August of each year there is something of a recruiting effort, but you are always welcome to inquire. Unlike some denominations, we do not rush to have you become a Catholic. We take time to help you understand what you are undertaking. For some, you already know a great deal about the faith of the Catholic Church, for others you may know very little. All are welcome and we try to meet you as you are. We have a large group of volunteers who offer hospitality to those who inquire. If you do not find a clear invitation in the bulletin, check with Robin Graham (318) 445-2497 EXT. 14. You will find a warm welcome and connection to many people who will make you feel at home.