Our Giving to the Least, the Last, and the Lost

The Five-Finger Gospel

St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta liked to count on her fingers in this way to remind herself and others of Jesus’ words (hold up your hand, fingers splayed, pointing to each finger as you say each of these five words):


“Count” the five words on your fingers, saying them aloud, after each Scripture:
When I was hungry and you gave me food... you did it to Me! 
When I was thirsty and you gave me drink... you did it to Me!

When I was a stranger and you welcomed me... you did it to Me!
When I was naked and you clothed me... you did it to Me!
When I was sick and you visited me... you did it to Me!
I was in prison and you came to me... you did it to Me! [Mt 25:35-36]

 Deuteronomy 15:11 

The land will never lack for needy persons; that is why I command you: “Open your hand freely to your poor and to your needy kin in your land.”





 St. Nicholas Society

Since 1971 in an old house on Sanders Street, a thrift store has provided clothing to those in need. In 1986, new metal building was constructed on Lakeview Street. Conveniently, it sits next to the Head Start program in the former school now operated by Save the Children and in line with the Community Center, Church and Office. Not many years passed before a large addition called, "the children's room" was added to accommodate all of these clothes being received. The thrift store is open Wednesday, 9-12; Thursday & Friday,9-2. A large group of volunteers check, size, sort, and display clothes and other items. Shoppers have a dignified experience and great service from a loving, dedicated, and helpful staff.

Food Pantry 

Beginning in the Rectory laundry room a half-flight of stairs down from the reception area, full grocery bags were lugged upstairs to be handed out to those who come twice each month. The ONLY question asked: do you need food that you don't have to cook? It is a polite way to ask about whether persons might be homeless or have such poor living conditions that they are unable to cook. In the bags that do not require cooking, the cans do not require a canopenner or other provisions are made. Other items such as toilettries, blankets, and coats are also provided as needs are determined. It is heartwrenching to see some people leave the Rectory and immediately sit on the benches along side the Church to eat hungrily some of the provisions. Those able to cook are provided equally appropriate items from our pantry. In 2018, having overflowed the laundry room and two other places, as well as worn thin from hauling parcels in and out, up and down, a food pantry and dock were constructed at the rear of the Church with direct and level access through the Rectory to the reception area.






List of Other Payments, Items, and Services Provided by Sacred Heart of Jesus (call 445-2496, Monday to Thursday, 9 to 3)
--No checks are made payable to individuals. All bills are paid directly to vendors.


Medical Bills

Medical Equipment such as wheel chairs, walkers and canes, potty and shower chairs


Basic Utilities

IDs for Job Applications

Local Busfares

Bus Tickets


Safe Lodging to Shelter the Abused

Medical Transportation 

Meals to Shut-ins on Wednesday Evenings

Meals to the Sick as Needed

Clothes, Blankets, and Duffle Bags to the Homeless

Special Care

Clothing is provided to St. Chrisitina Nuring Home (not church affiliated; for the mentally ill), and to clients seeking services at the Pregnancy Advocacy Center.