More understanding and less arguing. Confidence and clarity to talk about sensitive topics. Insight on how to be each other's cheerleader and lover. Whether you are not married, in year 0, 5, 10, 25 or more of marriage, the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment inventory and MarriageCare for You & Your Spouse, Future Spouse, or Partner will help you as a couple privately visualize your relationship, put facts behind your feelings, and discover ways to open up doors for communication and intimacy. MarriageCare IS FOR ALL COUPLES! If you are in a happy relationship, come. If you are not happy, come. If you are just friends, come. Both of you must take the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment.

Stop taking chances!

--The percentage of married persons that are “very happy” has dropped to 57%. In 1970 and in 1980 it was 67% and it dropped to 62% for 2000 and 2008. (Institute of American Values, 2009)

 --Married people live longer than unmarried or divorced people.  Nonmarried women have 50% higher mortality rates than married women and nonmarried men have a 250% higher rate than married men.  (Waite & Gallagher, 2000)

While both of you must take PREPARE/ENRICH, both of you may not be able to come to all of the MarriageCare sessions; one of you should be at each one of the meetings, bringing to the other person the knowledge and skills you acquire as well as the information provided from the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment that you will pickup at the first session. To make attendance easier, sitters and supper will be provided for infants to preteens in the Youth Center (a reservation is needed – text or email 229.6466 or

MarriageCare is coming to Sacred Heart: Nov Tue, 20, Thu, 29; Dec Tue, 4, Tue, 11, Tue, 18, at 7pm and it’s free! 

Fr. Miller over the last 24 years has taught Prepare/Enrich to dozens of psychologists, counselors, and clergy of all faiths. He has used this assessment inventory with hundreds of couples. MarriageCare is your opportunity to have a unique experience in a private setting – only you and your loved one will speak and interact with one another while reflecting and praying over your personal information. Only general orientation and education will be provided in the large group setting. All else happens only in your private conversation as a couple. Referrals to other professionals made on request.

Prerequisite:  take Prepare/Enrich assessment inventory online, on or before Nov 12. $35 per couple. Signup now! 

Click this link to request the Prepare/Enrich assessment inventory:

Prepare/Enrich Prior to MarriageCare

An endorsement:

“Overall PREPARE/ENRICH is an excellent tool with substantial evidence supporting its reliability and validity of its scores and their uses. It can be used effectively to improve couple relationships.” -- Mental Measurements Yearbook, 2017 (the most widely acclaimed reference series in education and psychology, designed to assist professionals in selecting and using standardized assessments).